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Endomologie - Non-Surgical Facelift

Looking older is an issue which concerns everyone whether they are male or female, mature or young our face is the first to be affected by visible signs of ageing from the age of 30 onwards.

The effects of time, sun exposure, stress and tobacco are quickly visible on the skin. The complexion is dulled, the cheeks and eyelids begin to droop and wrinkles begin to appear. With our unique combined none-surgical anti-aging treatments you will start to see the initial effects - even after the first treatment.

We can all attend a gym and perform a workout programme for our bodies, but cannot perform a workout for the muscles on our face. Now you can - With our High performance muscle lifting programme for the face and neck area you too can now take your face for a workout at Beauty Station.

After the muscles on your face and neck have had a good workout, we then use our Endomologie machine to work on the structure of your skin. These combined facial procedures are the most popular non-surgical facial treatments in our salon today.

Using these two treatments in one procedure - You will see a lifting of the whole face and eye area and a contouring of the jowls and jaw line giving you a brighter, smoother complexion and younger looking skin

Taking non-surgical anti ageing procedure to a new level of effectiveness. These treatments revive and rejuvenate your face giving you an overall more youthful appearance.

For best results 10 to 12 treatments are recommended followed by maintenance of one to two treatments per month to maintain a peak condition.

Price £60.00 per treatment

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