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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Consultation and a Test Patch required for laser Treatment?

A consultation and test patch is always required to determine the possible realistic achievable results for Laser Thread Vein Removal

Before performing a test patch a full client medical history is recorded and whether you are taking contra-indicated medications from your doctor or hospital and/or any other type of contra-indicated herbal remedies you are or have been taken in the last 6 – 12 months must also be recorded. Please bring all medication names with you. This is to ensure your laser treatment is completely safe and delivers the most effective results.

We also determine your particular skin type
(According to the Fitzpatrick Classification for Sun-Reactive Skin Types).

Test Patch

Protective laser goggles MUST be used by client and therapist for every laser treatment given.

  1. Before a test patch is performed the skin is cleansed and toned.
  2. Low parameters are set on the laser to determine the correct fluency for your particular skin type.
  3. A test patch is performed using only a few shots, (normally 10 to 12 shots) is adequate.
  4. After your treatment the skin is cooled to reduce any discomfort you may experience
  5. A special laser cooling and soothing gel is applied to keep the skin hydrated.

You will also be given an aftercare treatment advice sheet to take home with you.

Record Log Sheet

All laser treatments are logged and dated to record any changes to medication, all areas treated, and fluency of each treatment, the number of shots used and cost of your treatments.

  • After your Test Patch you can book a treatment.
  • You cannot have a treatment in the same area as your test patch until 4 weeks had passed.
  • You can have a treatment in another area 2 weeks later, after your test patch has been assessed.

What does the treatment feel like?

As the laser light is absorbed into the targeted blood vessels (thread veins) the treatment feels like a hot pin- prick or an elastic band being flicked onto the skin as the veins (Blanche) during treatment, coagulate and disappear. The skin is then cooled after treatment to reduce any stinging or discomfort you may experience.

The areas may be reddened and feel warm or a little swollen after treatment, and usually settles down within 24/48 hours, in some cases the skin may look slightly discolored or ‘scaly’, this will fade quickly a few days after your treatment.

How many sessions do you recommend?

The number of treatments required will depend on the site and the extent of your thread veins. It may take from one treatment to a series of treatments for results to emerge, but often fading is visible after 1 session. Treatments are usually 4-6 weeks apart. Each time you visit our laser clinic you will be asked if there are any changes to your original consultation or are you taking any medication that may affect your laser treatment.

No treatments will be carried out on any skin exposed to UV light (sun or sun beds) Within the last 4 weeks.


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