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Treatment Procedure

Test Patch

Protective laser goggles must be used by client and therapist for every treatment.

Before a test patch is performed the skin is cleansed and toned.

For assessment of your treatment your hair need only be visible on the surface of your skin normally between 1-2 mm in length. We can then determine the following:

  • Firstly to check whether the level of melanin in the hair follicles is large enough to be treated by the laser beam.
    • We also evaluate the type of skin and hair colour
  • If there is sufficient melanin then the most comfortable level of power is sought to give an effective treatment and a record of the parameters are made.
  • Immediately after the patch test a post treatment soothing cream is applied.

The client returns within 7 days to assess the reaction before the treatment sessions begins. You may then shave the area 2 or 4 days (Face) or 4 to 6 days (body).

Hair can only be removed between treatments by shaving ONLY

Any other method will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Treatment advice

No waxing, plucking, threading or any bleaching or depilatory creams are not be used in between treatments.

DO NOT sunbathe or use sun beds 4 weeks prior to and after treatment.

Body scrubs are recommended 3-5 days before laser treatment to avoid ingrown hairs.

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