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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a treatment?

You should avoid tanning in the treatment area for I month ahead of and during treatments to avoid excessive discomfort from excessive light and heat absorption in the epidermis. Immediately after treatment the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light and strong sunlight should be avoided for 4-5 days.

Always use a high factor sun cream or even better a total sun block cream.

Does the treatment hurt?

As the heat reaches the follicle, anything from feeling a mild flicking sensation to a mild stinging sensation may be felt by some clients. The level of sensation depends on a number of factors including skin type, and the area being treated. The client will experience a different sensation depending on the nerve supply to the hair follicle, for example the lower leg is relatively less sensitive than the upper lip.

All areas treated are cooled during and after laser treatments.

After the treatment, a mild transient reddening my be observed which regresses within 1 to 2 hours. There are no reports of Hyper or Hypo pigmentation. No downtime is required and clients can resume their everyday activities after treatment.

Which area can be treated?

We are able to treat all areas of the human body, not only the traditional female areas, such as the female moustache, chin, armpit, and bikini area, but also much larger areas on the body such as legs, and arms, And in men, the face, neck back and chest.

Are there any hair types and colors that cannot be treated?

We are able to treat all types of hair. From blond hair though to Asian and Afro Caribbean. The light colour (Blond or Red) contain less melanin and consequently you may require more treatment sessions. We cannot treat white or grey hairs.

Is a consultation required?

A consultation is always required to determine the possible realistic achievable results. Before performing a patch test a full client medical history is recorded and whether you are taking contra-indicated medications and any other type of contra-indications are also recorded.

Test Patch

Protective laser goggles must be used by client and therapist for every treatment. Before a test patch is performed the skin is cleansed and toned. For assessment of your treatment your hair need only be visible on the surface of your skin normally between 1-2 mm in length. We can then determine the following:

Firstly to check whether the level of melanin in the hair follicles is large enough to be treated by the laser beam. We also evaluate the type of skin and hair colour. If there is sufficient melanin then the most comfortable level of power is sought to give an effective treatment and a record of the parameters are made. Immediately after the patch test a post treatment soothing cream is applied.

The client returns within 7 days to assess the reaction before the treatment sessions begins. You may then shave the area 2 or 4 days (Face) or 4 to 6 days (body).

Hair can only be removed between treatments by shaving ONLY

Any other method will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Treatment advice

No waxing, plucking, threading or any bleaching or depilatory creams are not be used in between treatments. DO NOT sunbathe or use sun beds 4 weeks prior to and after treatment. Body scrubs are recommended 3-5 days before laser treatment to avoid ingrown hairs.

Is it safe?

Yes. Our laser clinic is registered with the Healthcare Commission and our priority is maintaining the highest health and safety standards. Our team of specially trained laser therapists are fully qualified laser professionals.

What does the treatment entail?

Every session starts with cleansing the area to be treated to eliminate possible cosmetic products, perfumes and deodorants. The treatment is performed, sometimes a slight heat and tingling sensation can be felt which is not too painful and some parts of the body are more sensitive than others but the treatment can be tolerated. The skin can sometimes become red or a little swollen after treatment. This usually settles down within 24 hours, some hairs will remain in the follicle but will fall out with time as the laser does not actually remove the hair it destroys not only the hair but the hair matrix and hair bulb at the base of the hair follicle with Nd Yag laser you will feel that it 'singes' the treated hair. The (singed) hair falls out within one to three weeks.

Will all the hair be removed in one session?

There are three stages of hair growth Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. In any area to be treated the hairs are present in all stages with percentages and lengths different from area to area and from client to client. Because only 25 -30% of your hair is in the active anagen stage at any one time, a series or course of treatments will be required to hit the target in this vital stage to achieve the long term clearance you desire.

How long between sessions?

Between each session a period of 4 to 6 weeks are required (face) and 6 to 12 weeks (body), but this period is conditioned by the length of the anagen stage which can be different for each patient. The time between sessions must be decided by the expert according to the characteristics of the area and the client being treated.

How long are the treatment sessions?

The length of an individual hair removal treatment is determined by the density of the hair growth and the overall size of area being treated. Treatments for upper lip, chin, underarms and bikini line can take as little as 15 minutes. Larger areas such as the back, chest, legs and arms take longer, from 60 minutes or more.

After Treatment Care?

It is very important to protect the area after treatment so to help protect this area, clients are advised to cleanse and tone twice a day. A soothing gel should be applied twice a day for 7 days following your treatment. Protective sun block should be worn at all times on areas visible to sunlight.

For 24 hours after treatment

  • No hot baths or showers - warm only
  • No heat treatments; saunas or steam rooms
  • No deodorants, perfumes, scented body lotions or creams
  • No swimming in Jacuzzis
  • No steam ironing or cooking over steaming hot saucepans

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