Specialist, relaxing treatments carried out by our professional therapists

Treatment Procedure

  1. First the client's body areas are measured; the upper arms, under the chest, waist, hip, top of thighs and legs.
  2. Specific slimming and reducing gels are applied according to the client's problem areas.
  3. The client is then wrapped with osmotic thermo-film to keep the gels in place.
  4. The client relaxes on the treatment couch and the Infra-Red bands are placed around the client's waist, hips, thighs and arms, then warm towels are wrapped around the client.
  5. The relaxing Thermo-jet programme is set and the treatment begins and lasts for minutes The client is bathed evenly with the Infra-Red rays, stimulating the metabolism and circulation and further enhancing the penetration of the active ingrediance of the special gels.
  6. Finally a full body lymphatic massage is performed with specific draining gels to aid lymphatic flow cool the body and aid relaxation.

This treatment gives spectacular results in inch and weight loss and controlled body contouring of specific areas. They are visible from the very first treatment by re-measuring the body after treatment so you can see the results in inch loss before you leave the salon.

This deep penetrating heat treatment is also beneficial for ostiaoticular bones and joint pains and Detoxes the body of waste.

The changes are produced in the areas most in need. Furthermore this treatment has a great stress reduction effect through its relaxing warm and soothing action.

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