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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this treatment new?

No this treatment has been around for over 10 years and Millions of treatment has been performed worldwide.

Is this treatment painful?

Absolutely not. The intensity of the treatment is regulated by the specially trained Therapist and generates a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

How many treatments do I need?

Depending on your requirements you can book anything from a 'one off' treatment for that special occasion, have one treatment per week, fortnight, per month or every quarter to help give you that extra boost on inch and weight loss with a particular healthy eating slimming programme you are attending.

Or for clients who have a particular problem of overweight and obesity a number of sessions may be needed. The total number of sessions can be fixed according to the client. The minimum number of 10 done alternatively at 1 or 2 times a week will help with this particular type of overweight problem.

Maintenance - It is very important to know that after a thermolipolysis treatment, the organism has increased its energetic consumption - so that it will be more difficult to gain weight - However, if the clients natural tendency is to stock fat, she/he has to do a maintenance that will be set according to her/his needs. For example - Their are people who will need one session per quarter or month so as to keep their weight and size. Whereas others will need one session each fortnight. It all depends on their metabolism, calorie intake, way of life, age and so on.

Does it help when treating cellulite?

This treatment acts on all different skin layers including the dermis and hypodermis where cellulite is located. Water retention problems causing swelling of the adipocytes are improved through thermotherapy and blood and lymphatic circulation is increased. This treatment is an excellent complement to non-invasive mechanical contouring techniques such as Endomologie.

Can it replace a diet?

Whilst a sensible diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, this treatment acts effectively on body shaping and volumes in specific areas.

Is this treatment especially for women?

Both Male and Female clients can be treated with this Infra-Red therapy treatment.

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